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Malý Radkov
People from this village were buried in this cemetery.

German name:   Pawinov (früher: Ackerhöfen)
Czech name: Palvínov


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Grave numberLast name Name, Other informations

? - unknownWeber Maria (born Schmid - Hurkenthal Nr.27), † at the age of 42, Pawinov Nr.1, (Palvinov) , * 2.3.1896, † 7.4.1938
25Landauer Thekla, Pawinow, (Palvínov) , * 05.06.1860, † 20.03.1930
75Maidl Barbara, Pawinow, (Palvínov)
75Maidl Johann, Pawinow, (Palvínov)
76Niebauer Maria, Pawinow Nr. 3, (Palvínov) , * 20.01.1880, † 27.12.1938

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